Drawn figures, pastel paints, fabric scraps, embroidery, and salvaged construction materials are joined together in an exploration of texture, layering, and the human form. The paintings represent a shift in focus from deeper meaning to aesthetic appreciation. While the color palette and the media used, like embroidery, are seen as stereotypically feminine, bold male figures litter the paintings, challenging gender stereotypes that the work may evoke at first glance. 
The work is a collection of experiences containing remnants from various points in my life. Every aspect of the work is created based on intuition - every brushstroke, every material used, and every stitch is based on what feels “right.” The materials are chosen on intuition, most of them being found materials. Fabric is leftover from a childhood activity, the paints are extra from a home-improvement project, and wood comes from the scrap bin in the woodshop. Each material has a history, and combining them all together evokes a sense of nostalgia and creates a context for the work.

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