I am a visual artist who creates to explore. My art helps me discover more about the subconscious and about myself. It’s a meditative and therapeutic process for me, and I do it simply because it makes me feel good. I’ve always been a very empathetic and sensitive person, so much of my work revolves around strong emotions. Most of my artwork is two-dimensional and done with multiple different media. My medium changes for each piece, but some favorites of mine are ink, watercolor, collage, marker, thread, and acrylic paint.
My process involves minimal planning. I like to create what I’m feeling at the moment and let the art flow out of me. I usually begin with a simple sketch and then chose a base media for the project, which is usually watercolor or acrylic paint. After adding in basic colors, I start working on smaller details and begin to add in other media, such as collaging paper or stamping ink. Sometimes, I stitch in a design with thread to add the final element. The symbolic idea behind each piece varies based on my state of mind while I’m working. Some pieces have a warm, calm sense to them, evoking a feeling of contentedness; other pieces show angst and anxiety. Additionally, I like to explore the idea of what reality exactly is and how it can relate to our subconscious. 
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